1. Deloitte Best Managed Companies Winner Joins our METRO2C Alliance!

    March 21, 2014 by Sarah

    We would like to extend a big congrats to the team over at Viatel who have become the first European Telco to win the Deloitte Best Managed Companies award! Well done all, we are super proud to add such a great brand to our Alliance!

    Today more than ever, uniting terrestrial and submarine networks is critical for enterprises to run their global businesses including Internet and data communications. Viatel operates two diverse submarine cables connecting directly into one of Europe’s largest long-haul dark fibre networks providing customers access to multiple metropolitan fibre rings in Europe’s major business centres such as Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris. Now we can connect more enterprises than ever before through Viatel’s extensive local access and range of data services to Europe’s largest cities, financial centres and internet hubs.


  2. TeleData Manchester signs up to our METRO2C Alliance!

    February 28, 2014 by Sarah

    MediaCityUK, the £950m development in Salford has attracted the BBC and ITV in addition to a raft of production and media companies, and has helped create a truly creative environment in Manchester. The region is also at the heart of the UK’s North West “digital cluster” which is the second largest in Europe. It is home to companies driving innovations in cloud-computing and Big Data such as Cisco, EMC, IBM, and Oracle and multi-nationals like Siemens, Kelloggs and Adidas. Our METRO2C Alliance aims to support digital infrastructure and the Manchesters rich history of innovation and kicking that off is the addition of TeleData’s Delta House facility!

    Matt Edgley, Sales Director at Teledata said: “We are delighted to join the METRO2C Alliance and share its vision that the future of cloud-computing is based on the collaboration of critical digital infrastructures including data centres.”

    Data centres are a critical physical layer for the development of next-generation cloud based IT solutions needed for all companies as they switch to digital strategies to support & modernize their organisations and workforce. The addition of TeleData’s Delta House facility provides METRO2C customers with a secure and stable platform to deliver these services. The Delta House facility is the only data centre in the UK to benefit from an on-site BS5979 Security Centre and 2(N+N) UPS  adding an extra layer of physical security and technical resilience for customers. “Our Security Operations Control Centre is effectively a bomb proof bunker within the building – always protecting our data centre and your hosted equipment around the clock.”

    TeleData’s fully owned 70,000sq ft Manchester based facility provides customers with secure, resilient and efficient colocation and data centre services supported by best-in-class connectivity solutions. This announcement heralds the first of many to come from Manchester so stay tuned!

  3. We Are Protectors of The Internet!

    January 28, 2014 by Sarah

    By 2017, networks will have to handle as much information in a single month as they carried during the whole of 2007, the year that the iPhone was born. Half of the world’s projected population, or 3.6 billion people, will be online, and that there will be as many as 19 billion connections tapping into global networks, up from 12 billion today.[1]

    Fibre-optic cables that traverse the bottom of the ocean floor form the backbone of the Internet. They are more reliable than satellites and possess a much larger capacity, transmitting approximately 95 per cent of all international data between continents and islands. Since the introduction of the first transoceanic fibre-optic cable in 1988, the amount of Internet users skyrocketed. This critical global infrastructure relies on a small group of companies responsible for both the installation and maintenance of the more than 300 active submarine cable systems that interconnect the world.

    Today, submarine cables are the cornerstone of globalisation and worldwide communication. For a country like Ireland, an island on the periphery of Europe and a stepping-stone for US multinationals, submarine cables are vital infrastructure that is essential to the daily functioning of society. Given the critical importance of international communication, submarine cables are protected by international treaties including: the International Convention for the Protection of Submarine Cables 1884, and the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea 1982.

    [1] Cisco: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/service-provider/visual-networking-index-vni/white_paper_c11-520862.html

  4. Ireland: EMEA Choice for Tech Start-Ups

    October 18, 2013 by Sarah

    Ireland is the gateway to Europe for US tech companies and is quickly becoming the EMEA location of choice for many tech start-ups and established “born on the internet” companies, like Dropbox, Salesforce and Twitter. Our highly creative and talented workforce, open economy, competitive corporate tax environment are some of the reasons start-ups favor the Emerald Isle. Plus we have super fast, modern international telecommunications systems in place, like CeltixConnect.

    This week we announced that Interxion Ireland joined our METRO2C Alliance. The addition of Interxion’s two Dublin – based industry leading data centres provides essential digital infrastructure supporting storage and cloud computing needs, with connectivity provided by our network of best in class connectivity providers.

    By adding members like Interxion we are creating an environment that provides secure, readily accessible data storage and cloud services for tech companies as they expand their Irish presence. Customer data and applications need to be accessed with a resilient, low latency connection that the METRO2C Alliance delivers.

    So far, the members of this unique ecosystem include:

    1. Vtesse
    2. Kcom
    3. SSE Telecoms
    4. Volta Data Centres
    5. Hutchison Global Communications
    6. Teledata
    7. Sea Fibre Networks (founding member)
    8. Interxion

    More members are to be announced over the coming weeks so stay tuned to our announcements page.

    To become a member of this unique telecoms infrastructure club please get in touch with us today through our dedicated METRO2C webpage here.


  5. Supporting the most demanding cloud applications, wherever they’re hosted

    September 25, 2013 by Sarah

    Demand for high capacity, resilient networks from digital enterprises has never been higher due to the adoption of data heavy cloud and content applications required to deliver mission-critical information. Sea Fibre Networks METRO2C Alliance is the collaboration of Europe’s leading connectivity providers, data centre operators and Internet exchanges providing best-in-class communication solutions connecting Europe’s booming business & Internet hubs. Today, we announced the addition of UK connectivity & Data Centre provider SSE Telecoms. (more…)

  6. Are You on Cloud 99.999?

    September 6, 2013 by Sarah

    “IT services providers, particularly those focused on delivering cloud services offerings or related services, must consider the disproportionately large mature markets [Europe] if they want to play a leading role in cloud services growth worldwide,” Ed Anderson, Research Director Gartner.

    Europe is the second largest region in the cloud services market and will account for 24% of all new spending during 2013-2016. Over the next 18 months, the cloud computing industry in the UK alone is expected to generate £7.6 billion in revenues. However, the economic power of the Western nations is being challenged by the fast-growing economies of Brazil, India and China. Growth opportunities and new markets are popping up all around the world. (more…)

  7. Kcom signs up to our METRO2C Alliance!

    September 5, 2013 by Sarah

    Sea Fibre Networks are delighted to add Kcom to our METRO2C Alliance! Kcom’s network coverage enables access to over 90% of UK business and its unique backbone and metropolitan rings will enable the METRO2C Alliance to provide enterprises with unparalleled network coverage in the UK that is critical for the continuity of the Internet ecosystem.

    Over the next 18 months, the cloud computing industry in the UK is expected to generate £7.6 billion in revenues. Working alongside established providers like Kcom puts METRO2C enterprise customers in a position to capitalise on this booming market. High-capacity networks are a true enabler of game-changing applications such as cloud computing and Big Data. Service providers such as Kcom, that operate a number of dense metro networks and offer a wide service portfolio, enable a best in class digital environment for the deployment of on-demand services including cloud and content delivery. (more…)

  8. Economic & Social Growth Through Communications

    August 6, 2013 by Sarah

    Since the eighteen hundreds, submarine networks have played a vital role in connecting continents and people all over the world, enabling social, economic and political change.

    In 1866, history was changed forever when the first commercially viable telegraph cable was laid from Valentia Island, Ireland (watch the video here) to Heart’s Content, Newfoundland, Canada making Ireland the birthplace for global communications. Last month, the historic site of the 150-year-old Anglo-American Cable House and the 1.01-acre coastal site went on the market. (more…)

  9. 2 Easy Steps to Take Advantage of European Connectivity Opportunities

    July 23, 2013 by Sarah

    Ireland is home to many top global Information and Communication Technology companies expanding into Europe including: Dropbox, IBM, Cisco, Xilinx, Amazon, SAP, Salesforce.com, Electronic Arts, Zendesk, Apple, Google, Hubspot, Linkedin, Microsoft, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo!

    Many of these companies were founded in the US and are serviced by US telecommunication and data center providers that do not have a presence in Europe or Ireland. To remain the Service Provider of choice for these enterprises as they grow, follow these two simple steps and start reaping the rewards of connecting your brand and network across Europe. (more…)

  10. The Growing Importance of the Submarine Network Provider

    July 18, 2013 by Sarah

    What Network Are You On?

    Internet data traffic continues to escalate as the Internet becomes more and more integrated into enterprises and consumers daily activities. With added growth of mobile Internet usage, which is expected to multiply 13 times by 2017, service providers are increasingly requiring faster, higher capacity, diversely connected backbone networks.

    Most of the business activities of any type of international enterprises rely heavily on being interconnected internationnaly via the Internet. Submarine cable systems are the cornerstone of the Internet.

    There are many important factors to take into account when selecting a new submrine networks provider or re-evaluating your existing one. By selecting the correct provider, you can minimize the impact of disruptions to your critical business operations and improve the quality of your customer product or service offerings. Below, Sea Fibre Networks have outlined five important factors to take into account when evaluating submarine network providers: (more…)